"I hear a lot of whining and moaning here and there about how bad it is over  here. But I notice it is always from people who are totally incompetent and  who depend for their communication line on their imagination and with as  little recourse to fact as possible."                                         -L. Ron Hubbard, 1955

The Armor of Knowledge

“You do not even have to believe it works. If you really know the true tech, no one and nothing can hurt you or demean you in the ages to come.

“So it is not just freedom that is the goal; it is the maintaining of it one must assure.

“Those who do not let you have it, twist it, invalidate it and pretend it is something else that’s meant, are seeking to deny you not just the road out but the armor of knowledge that will guard you.”

L. Ron Hubbard

From Ron’s Journal 37

13 March 1983