The Truth About the Lies

LRH created the Church and he created policy and tech to handle anything and everything. Well, I lost sight of that after having an upset over a non-standard action that occurred at the Church. I did not do what I was trained to do. Instead, I “complained to an individual” and along with that complaint, she directed me to the internet. I thought I was “big” enough, “OT” enough to actually go to the internet and read what was posted about the Church. I was wrong!

I made a huge mistake. I got very enturbulated and started to go into agreement with some of the information on the internet. Whoa, not okay at all! I was greatly disturbed because the data was completely and utterly false, all lies and it made me sick!

I did communicate my upset to two other OT’s and they went right into action to help me. They directed me to meet with two Sea Org members, where I was given the truth of the lies and entheta information that was being written about the Church. I had the biggest blowdown and the biggest gratitude for the truth.

The information and policy that I was helped with was the tech, the same tech that was always there to handle anything and everything. I just did not use it. I left it on my shelf and instead I came up with “something else.” Well, I’m here to tell you that does not work! The only workable technology is from LRH.

– VM

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