Looking Up Each Step of the Way

I was in the Sea Org for 14 wonderful years. I left staff and routed out standardly, getting through my routing form and confessional. 

I am currently working on getting back on lines, after paying my debt and am working up the conditions. 

Each step is there for a reason and if correctly done will get you back in good standing and on The Bridge. 

I have no animosity – only high ARC for my fellow Scientologists and staff. That comes from confronting the situations that have been created and taking responsibility for them. 

I am a better person each step of the way – having wins and gains at each step of the way. 

The world is full of numerous distractions, noise and enturbulation. If you are off lines, sidetracked or have a situation to deal with, take your first step – get an org terminal to help you. Get standard Scientology applied to yourself – to your dynamics, and start flourishing. 

I can and so can you! 

– DF