Which Goal Maker?


Asking that question revealed the TRUTH for me. And I believe, if anyone asks themselves that question, and honestly answers it, it would not be possible to remain in doubt as to who the enemy really is. Granted, the write-ups, time tracks and documentation were quite convincing, well crafted by highly skilled propagandists – liken them to brainwashers on the whole track and you will understand what they are truly dramatizing. 

The other factor—no matter how seemingly horrible injustices were or could be: would any of this justify splintering and offering an alternative service/route to OT by those orchestrating a negative PR campaign? How good would that “tech” actually be?

There are those who deliberately perpetrate injustices, get rid of good staff and generally disrupt organizations. Being in a confusion between who is who, is not a good reason for denouncing allegiance to LRH and the organizations, that for the most part, do their best to make Scientology available to the world. No matter how wronged one has been, NOTHING justifies the action of spreading entheta…

So once I decided who my friends were, on my own bat, I began to challenge some of the fence sitters to bring them over to the LRH side. I was quite concerned that heavily ARC broken individuals could easily be recruited and their lives virtually destroyed overnight. I was, in fact, one of those heavily ARC broken individuals so I can speak from “Been There, Done That!” Thinking dim thoughts is one thing but actively participating in spreading entheta calculated to disrupt and destroy LRH programs for the planet is quite another. Walking across that line is an emotional reactive drive, not a pro-survival calculation. Not everyone will be able to see that but I hope anyone reading this will try to rise above their own upsets and look at the LRH picture. 

While being exposed to all this – I also looked at my own scene of a string of injustices and incorrect conditions. How was I going sort that out? Having had lots of experience as a Sea Org member at Int Management level posts and otherwise, I knew it had to be done, but having had a number of failed attempts, I was not optimistic. UNTIL – I saw who the kingpins heading up this enemy network were. EVERY ONE OF THEM had been on my lines in the past when I was on Sea Org Exec posts – and in fact were the key terminals seeking my demise through spreading false reports and lies about my activities. The buildup of BPC stemming from wrong conditions and altered truths over a period of years blew in a split second as soon as I spotted these individuals as the criminals they truly are. 

My stable datum in this confusion was – LRH. If my demise as a Sea Org member and handlings were in fact injustices, these incidents and others like it, are third dynamic engrams that act to HINDER the goals and Aims of Scientology. Clearing the engrams for not only myself but the group became an important responsibility. 

Right about that time I received a call from a Sea Org terminal. I met and went over my scene. I was pleasantly surprised there were no fixed ideas about me, my past or my condition. The only interest was to help me rapidly sort out my scene and get back on lines using only LRH policy to do so. In other words KSW. To make a long story short, I received a Board of Review that as-ised everything for me and the group! Now I’m applying Expanded Non-E as a Scientologist, started my Basics on an Extension Course and am on my way back onto The Bridge.

As part of applying my Expanded Non-E, I attended the last several events to see what was going on in Scientology, finding out what was needed and wanted – and expanded my comm lines. In a new unit of time, I become a Lifetime Member of the International Association of Scientologists – as soon as I made that donation it was like a release! I had a true group again!

No matter where you are sitting, no matter what you have done – even if you joined the dark side: LRH always leaves the door open, even if a crack, for you.

The Church has set up lines and terminals to ensure you can get back on the right road. I know these lines and terminals know what they are doing and can help you no matter what condition exists. 

Take advantage of on-Source Ethics and Justice and I guarantee you will be a new being!

Best Regards,

Diane Wagenbrenner Bush