Back on The Bridge

A few years ago, I went through some definite confusions in my life. I wasn't sure where I was going and what I should be doing. I decided the only way out of this was to strictly do what LRH says. After all, his writings already had saved my life once before when I was a teenager. 

I created my Admin Scale, wrote programs, applied finance policies, read the Ethics book, etc. These and other actions started to give me some stable data.

Shortly thereafter, I encountered people I had known for a long time and thought this was really cool – since they were people I had known and we had all been on the same page back in the day. 

At least I thought so. 

But it became very apparent within minutes of meeting them, that they were full of natter. And while non-ideal situations can exist, there is no such thing as justified natter. There is plenty of LRH policy on what to do if someone sees a situation he thinks is off-Policy or out-Tech. None of the references were being applied and this made it all the more clear to me. LRH says the only reason a person natters is because of his own overts and withholds. 

Looking at it from that perspective, everything became even more clear. I disconnected from those people. My Scientology contacts consisted from that point forward only of people who were on lines, working in the orgs or being on-Source Scientologists interested in moving up The Bridge.

Cutting these connections to the natterers and rumormongers was one of the best things I've ever done. I am now back on The Bridge and doing very well.