SPs Exposed


I have been a Scientologist since 1982 – as public, org staff and then I became a Sea Org member for 21 years. I also worked in Golden Era Productions and was the Director of HEM (the division in Gold that handles the E-Meter). Then I was demoted and later declared. I went on with my life, creating my own business. I know Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Steve Hall and most of his small clique of people that were at the Int Base when I was there.

Last year, I was contacted by one of these former SO “friends” (Steve Hall) via email who wanted to see how I was doing. I went on having a comm line with him via email and after a few weeks, I was posting comments on Marty’s blog, getting myself embroiled in all of the entheta. Unfortunately, it was quite insidious as the little speck of truth amongst the lies sort of sucked me into it and fed my own motivators. But then something happened that showed me their true colors – especially Marty’s.


The following is a true story:

One day I got a call from a David St. Lawrence who wanted to know if I could fix up some E-Meters that he had gotten from Marty Rathbun (who had sent them to him to get them fixed). He contacted me in turn, as I had worked in HEM for at least 15 years. I asked him what the problem was – he described it to me: white powder and corrosion inside of the E-Meter. He said that Marty was auditing using his E-Meters with expired Silver Certs and that they would R/S occasionally and that’s why Marty wanted to use other E-Meters to audit with. Marty forwarded to him an old Mark VI and a Mark VII so he could “fix” them.

As a very experienced person in handling Standard E-Meters, I knew this was really screwed up. And it told me all I needed to know. When this person asked me what he should do, I told him to go to the nearest trash can and dump them – as these E-Meters were toast and you would NEVER audit someone on an E-Meter like that – ever – unless you only intend to wreck their case. I felt bad as I had even offered my services to help fix E-Meters for these squirrels.

After seeing what Marty audited with and how it violated everything I have read from LRH on the E-Meter, I knew Marty was a hard-core SP.

This incident made me realize how evil these people are and that they would lie through their teeth to make themselves right. I saw that they are NOT using Standard Auditing Codes and E-Meter procedures but inviting new, offbeat Squirrel “technology” – sending people OFF The Bridge – not onto it.

I was also in comm with Steve Hall who recommended that I use a website counter that shows how many people are visiting one’s website at any time. However, there is a trick with the module he uses – in that you can change and boost the value of visitors yourself. I then noticed at the time that he was manipulating this as his website counter day and night was always above 100 – I noticed this as I work all hours of the day or night. Now, in the real Web world, this is not possible.

After the above incident with Marty and his rock-slamming E-Meters and Steve Hall with his dishonest practices of trying to make it seem he had more people in his camp than there actually is, I started wondering what I was getting involved with.

I realized my actions were contributing to bank and destructive actions and pulled out the Ethics Book and decided I would apply what LRH says – which is Standard Scientology, and handle my situation on Church lines. I requested a Comm Ev from the Church. To make a long story short, I received an on-policy Ethics handling, disconnected from any and all entheta, whining and moaning disaffected former Scientologists and received a Standard Comm Ev along with the recommendations.

The only way out is with the Church of Scientology using Standard Tech and procedures from LRH. There is no other way. These people that get involved with Marty, Mike, Steve and others are destroying their own lives. I do not wish for that to happen so that is why I am sending you my write-up so others do not get caught in their trap.


This is true.


JY Besnard (formerly “Esprit”) 


Ethics and Conditions: Scientology Tools for Life