Back to Happiness & Freedom

Over the past few months, I had been getting some Black PR on the Church, COB, IAS and the CNN story. No singular part of this was much of a problem for me but over time it caused me to become upset. I am a thirty-five year Scientologist and New OT V. I went PTS, crashed my motorcycle and broke my right knee on June 29th. The broken knee did not heal as it should have and caused me intense pain. I lost income and hurt the stats at my business, not to mention the upset I caused my wife and two girls.

I knew that the only way out of this was to get in session and get a Standard Ethics handling. After setting aside the money over a period of several weeks, I made arrangements to arrive at AOLA. I arrived limping – with a cane and a very swollen knee.

What I did not realize was how much the Black PR had affected me.

The C/S handled the knee first. The pain was about 90 percent gone after the first two sessions and I was able to lose the cane after the second day. By the end of my first intensive my knee was working much, much better. I was able to straighten the leg which allowed me to walk with much less of a limp. This was a miracle – by any medical standards.

What came up during the handling was the out-ethics aspects of my involvement in the Black PR. The C/S worked with the Ethics section to help me sort it out. The Ethics Officer sat with me and went over all the Black PR, point by point, showing me the true data. As this was going on, I recalled more and more junk that had crept into my space. Each question I came up with, the E/O helped me see and understand the true data. I was thinking I was going to be in trouble for asking the questions that were on my mind. This was not the case. My questions were exactly answered. I became more and more aware that the only interest the Ethics Officer had was to get me cleaned up so the Tech would go in and I could move on The Bridge.

The C/S designed a Sec Check and a custom FPRD list to help me locate and blow the false purposes that were trapping me.

The realization I had was that the Black PR caused old false purposes and evil intentions to key-in and without realizing it, I was acting out these ancient commands. One of them was to individuate and be silent. This made me not talk to other Scientologists or want to be involved. Another caused me to attack upstat guys working hard to bring about an Ideal Org in Denver.

Now my comm lines are open and I am willing to help. This is a big turn around in a short time.

This cycle was not easy. It took confront on my part but I know the Tech works and I also know that the staff at AOLA are my friends.

The Black PR that is out on the internet today is very intentionally designed to cause you to have doubts, then confusion. It can suck you further and further away from Source and take away your chance at true happiness and freedom. I was not even reading the stuff, but just getting it second hand was enough to cause the trouble outlined above.

Remember that Auditor plus PC is greater than the bank. I know for sure now that Ethics Officer plus C/S plus Auditor and Staff at AOLA can free you from any mess you get into. Just muster the courage to arrive to AO’s front door.

My stats are flying back up, my knee is getting better each passing day and I am moving up The Bridge – with the wins and cognitions LRH intended that I have.


Jack Farland