Here’s Your Heads-Up

I’m writing today to publish my decision I’ve made recently. I’m doing this in the hopes that others may benefit from the heads-up – instead of falling victim to what I went through.

After getting off staff, I connected up with SPs. This was a dumb move.

I had a few out-ruds before I connected up with them, committed a slew of overts, went deeper into my out-ruds and finally realized the mindset and associations weren’t working out.

Through my series of bad moves, I met Marty Rathbun, dealt a lot with Mike Rinder for a time and had conversations with Haydn James. Only problem with all my communication back and forth with them on the Church was that our conversations only dealt in natter, which as LRH says, keys in the bank further. That’s all that happened. There was no end product of a key-out from their operation.

Most all of the natter or stories I got from them really didn’t add up. The comm from them was that of disgruntled individuals, not logical ones.

And the other individuals whom I’ve seen connect up with Marty or his crew generally would go grossly out-ethics and would not win on their dynamics. There was no real statistics they were producing for their own – or anyone’s benefit.

I went so far as to post comments against COB and the Church on Marty Rathbun’s site and other blogs under the monikers of “Unlucky Patron” and “CommonSmith”. Again, it was only natter and just served to further key me in.

I find much more help within the Church in handling my current situation.

What I recommend to anyone who may read this or may think it’s a good idea to connect up with, follow or agree with Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Haydn James and the rest of their crew is this: There really is no comfort there.

None in fact.

I spent 2 years thinking I might find some within their group but only felt more discouraged and let down with any of my comm with them.

In short, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, Haydn James and the rest of the group don’t have any real help, advice or comfort to give anyone.

You’ll find comfort where I’ve now found it once more – within the tech by applying it to your life standardly.

To handle a problem with the Church, I’ve found it’s best to handle it with the Church, not with detractors and definitely not with SPs. The suppressives labeled as such by the Church are exactly what LRH says they are: they deal in keying one in, not keying one out.