Off the Fence Forever


People have following the route mixed up with ‘the right to have their own ideas.’ Anyone is certainly entitled to have opinions and ideas and cognitions – so long as these do not bar the route out for self and others.” – LRH

I will no longer lend any support or have anything to do with those who are attempting to destroy that route and thus bar the way out for themselves and others.

Engaging in suppressive rumor-mongering or degrading viewpoints, adhering to suppressive groups and persons dealing in generalities and lies – while all the while being “under the radar” – does no good for anyone.

I will no longer be a part of that group.

It is very unhealthy to try to live your life with “one foot in and one foot out,” especially when it comes to something as important as LRH and Scientology. That type of maybe will “take you out” as a being.

As to the squirrels, Marty Rathbun recently wrote a slam piece on me on the internet.

We had never met.

He based what he called “a study” on fragmented information he obtained from a delusional and paranoid “source.” His article used thought-stopping phrases like “out-ethics,” “1.1,” “rat,” and painted a picture of his own making. Wrong dates, wrong occurrences, non-sequitur utterances and wrong facts: A very alter-ised and slanted account of something that was not that complicated, which he could then use to make some point to bash the current church and those running it.

In his piece, he even applauded physical violence, when earlier, on national TV, Rathbun “reported” how bad others were for being violent.

And finally, Rathbun actually mentions violating “The Code of Honor” – when he himself had worked side by side with his closest friends for years and then goes to the public media and rails against these same friends – and the entire group –one he had pretended to be part of.

I then confronted Rathbun in person in L.A. and asked him how he could do such a thing? I asked him how he could write some slanderous words based on wrong information and about someone he'd never met?

He couldn't answer.

His space was nervous and agitated.


Rich Nisbet

Class VIII – on OT VII


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