Off the Fence Forever

Around summer of 2010, my wife Barb and I had been reading anti-Church websites, especially Marty Rathbun’s blog, when one night, she quickly had to be admitted to the emergency room at Good Samaritan Hospital, due to extreme pressures in her head and abnormal breathing.

After some tests, they found leukemia in her body.

After a two-month battle, it was apparent that her body wasn’t going to make it. On September 10th, in the afternoon, she grabbed me by the hand, looked me in the eyes and said, “You have to make good with our Church and get back in ARC with everything…”

Barb died the next day.

It is easy to find things wrong with anything. It is much harder to help improve conditions and make something continue to go right.

Per LRH, if you do not understand something, or see something you feel is off-policy, you use standard lines in our Church until you come to a better duplication or resolution.

There can be a lot going on, outside of your own sphere of influence, that may appear off or counter to some standard you have, but going off-line into criticalness with off-line and off-hat terminals, does not do anything other than drop your own havingness, cut you off from the group, put you on a withhold and is probably simply justifying some failure in your own area.

If you participate in or caused something off-policy, how can you blame someone else?

And when things do get reported standardly, they DO get resolved and handled – standardly.

I have been around a long time and have had things occur with me but when I have stuck to it and reported and continued on the correct line with the correct terminals, it has gotten sorted out to my satisfaction or at the least, to an understanding of what occurred.

Those that have “left the church” – and are writing or criticizing to others about this or that have basically given up – have gone suppressive. That is all.

Life becomes justified by what you have not handled and the dwindling spiral starts. The more you go off and find things wrong, the more you will continue to find things wrong until you eventually find yourself committing Suppressive Acts.

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